Headlight Switch Replacement

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By AMC Eagle Nest member Pack Rat.

On the body of the light switch you'll see a little knob sticking up, you have to depress that then pull the whole light switch knob out, it's attached to a long shaft.


This is the little knob you're looking for, it's spring loaded. Pull the light switch knob all the way out, depress that little one and the knob will come out of the switch. The switch is held on the dash by a nut somewhat similar to the one that holds the wiper switch on only it's long and plastic. You can get it off with a wide slotted screwdriver.

(This is a picture of the wiper switch for clarification.)


By AMC Eagle Nest member Jurjen.

To complete this thread I made a picture of how to "unlock" the wiper knob. In the picture you have to push it down to unlock, and in the car towards you while pulling the knob at the same time towards you.