Wiper Switch Replacement/Upgrade

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This How To can be referred to in the event you wish to either replace a bad wiper switch or "upgrade" your conventional 2-speed wipers to the intermittent type. Upgrading to the intermittent type requires a different switch and a control module. Most AMC intermittent set-us from '78 and on will work as well as some Ford set ups (still researching the years/models for these).


Intermittent switch and module. Photo by AMC Eage Nest member AMCowner.

The TSM says you need to remove the instrument cluster to remove and replace the wiper switch, you really don't need the extra aggravation to do this.

The upgrade from standard wipers to intermittent is pretty much plug and play. You can remove the old switch and install the new switch and module by reaching up under the dash. You will need to use your 'finger eyes' but it can be done.

First you need to uplug the wiring harness from your old switch. Then feel around for the ground wire and pull it off its spade which is located, out of site, to the left of the switch.

Remove knob by pulling it straight back and off. With a small flat blade screw driver first loosen and then remove the shaft retaining nut. The switch can now be pulled out from behind.

Plug your module into the wiper wiring harness and leave it be for now.

Install new wiper switch in dash, make sure its installed in the hole correcly, there is a flat side to insure this.

Reinstall retaining nut -- this is tricky but it can be done.

Strip spade connector off of ground wire and find a handy place to ground it -- I used one of the e-brake mounting bolts.

Plug module into wiper switch -- it only goes on one way so you will need to fiddle with it (cause you probably can't see it).

You should now be good to go.

If you do not ground your unit you will only have one speed wipers -- grounding is important.