Wagon Rear Hatch Adjustment

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Submitted by AMC Eagle Nest Members Jim and AMC258

Jim suggests the following:

My wagon hatch was rubbing on the back. I think the hinge bolts were slightly loose, and the new supports were strong enough to push the hatch up out of position.

  1. 1. Support the hatch. That thing is heavy; it is heavier that I realized, and it would hurt if it fell on your head.
  1. 2. Take off the supports at the hatch end and let them hang.
  1. 3. Loosen the hinge nuts and move the hatch forward, being careful to not knock it off the props. An assistant would be a good thing to have.
  1. 4. When in position tighten hinge bolts to 115 INCH pounds.lbs.

After I replaced the supports the hatch worked perfectly. However, by the time I opened and closed the hatch many times while I worked on something else, it had started rubbing again, though just barely touching so far.


If the hatch is rubbing, one or more of your hinges is being stressed and will break soon. So, if your hatch is rubbing, it desperately needs to be adjusted.

Taking the shocks off before taking the hinges apart is a MUST. Not only is the liftgate heavy, those shocks have A LOT more force than you'd expect! I had experience with this before and decided tonight, I could handle it. Well, ground wet and slippery and me trying to push down and in on the hatch at the same time without breaking the other hinge, almost sent me flying, and the hatch the other way!