Vacuum Lines Made simple

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Vac lines made simple:

You need your distributor plumbed directly to the ported vacuum on the carb.  No T's, no splits...

You need your PCV valve plumbed directly to the large manifold port on the base of the carburetor.  No T's, no splits.

Your 4x4 vac requires a direct connection to manifold vacuum.  I recommend the port on the intake just below the carb that is shared w/ the brake booster.

Do the N U T T E R B Y P A S S and set your timing and you are done...  Set the timing at 650RPM.  

Base timing is 8-9deg, a 1deg for every thousand foot increase in elevation.  (EX:  set your timing at 12-13deg/650RPM at 4000' elevation)