My Eagle Does Not Run Well

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This is one of the most common complaints we hear from new AMC Eagle owners. Most always it relates to cars with the 258 (4.2) engine. Fortunately, in most cases there is nothing wrong with the engine. Instead it's usually related to all the vacuum lines under your hood or occassionally to the carburator. Or a combination of both. We have found several ways to address these problems and as we get the How To's written we will post them in the index below.

The Vacuum System

To get you started you should check for any disconnected or worn out vacuum lines and correct them first. We have a few vacuum diagrams available in the diagram section. Otherwise we strongly suggest you get an AMC Technical Service Manual as there are several diagrams for each year and it would be difficult to post them all here.

The Carter Carburetor

A well-tuned Carter carburetor will run just fine. Many first-time Eagle owners are inheriting a carburetor that hasn't been rebuilt in way too long.