Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal

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By AMC Eagle Nest member "Pack Rat".

Note: This How-To starts after the steering wheel has been pulled. Please follow the following link for a 'How-To' about removing the wheel.

Re&Re The Wiring Harness in Your Steering Column

Remove the turn signal lever, the push button for the four way flashers, and then remove the three screws holding the turn signal switch in place. You can then pull the switch up enough that it's not in the way. You'll see or should see, if it's still there, a small push in thing with two contacts coming off it, that's the switch for the ignition buzzer. It will pop out. Well not exactly pop, you'll need a small screw driver to help it along. You'll then see either a 5/16th or torx screw head bolt, remove and the switch will pull out of the column.

Here is a diagram and instructions from a TSM.

Tilt column.jpg