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You can upload or host images here in a variety of formats.

To upload you need an added permission. Just ask me for this.

To show you the tags without an image showing up I have left the brackets off each end. So remember you need to add the brackets to make it work.

The wiki handbook gives a ton more, much more complicated which you are welcome to try. Make sure and give each image an unique name probably related to the article you are doing.

Please, no images more than 800 pixels wide.

1. Basic Uploaded Image. The easiest one to do. Its the tag the editing icon gives you to use. It left justifies the image at the size it was saved at. The tag looks like this (remember I removed the brackets. Image:nameofimage.jpg

2. Hard left justified image: Image:nameofimage.jpg|left


3. Hard right justified image:


4. Hard left with text and frame: Image:nameofimage.jpg|frame|Image Text|left

Image Text

5. Hard right with text and frame: Image:nameofimage.jpg|frame|Image Text|right

Image Text