Brake Hydraulics

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From AMC Eagle Nest Member Smitty

Looking through my slips from NAPA I can provide the following info:

Brake hoses front 36929 $33.53

Brake hose front 36928 33.53

Brake hose rear 36965 22.74

Those are the flexible brake lines.

Caliper 242-1009 15.95

Caliper 242-1008 15.95

Rotor 4885771 24.70 Wheel Cyl 4617510 9.68

wheel cyl 4617509 9.68

Brake hardware rt 80663 9.54 Roackauto 78526S 6.65

brake hardware lf 80664 9.54

Brake cable NAPA 92934 $28.94 Rockauto LH F103389 19.19

Brake cable NAPA 93030 $25.51 Rockauto RH F86044 19.19

Brake cable NAPA 92566 $27.98 Rockauto front F102003 21.79

The parking brake cables are the same for all models. On the SX/4 the excess cable for the front is wrapped under the fuel lines and tied off. On the wagon it is a straight shot to the bracket for the rear cable hookup.

When doing the front parking brake cable, unhook it from the rear cables and press about halfway down on the parking brake pedal and then release the brake. This brings the cable end up so that you can slip it out of the bracket on the pedal assy. Make sure you have the battery unhooked so you can move the fusebox out of the way. Otherwise there are a few sparks Grin. I reused my old cable retainers as I did not like the new type supplied with the new cables. I also saw no difference in quality between NAPA and Rockauto. Both had to be ordered so save $22.26 and get them delivered to your door.

The only annoying part about changing out the rear cables is that you have to reuse the mounting tabs that hold the cable to the axle assy. They are a pain to pry open and are usually covered in road gunk. The other thing I found out is to pull the rear cables forward as far as possible with the brake drum off and clamp a vise grip right at the end of the protective sheathing on the end of the cable that gets hooked up to the front cable. This helps when you go to hook the front and rear cables together as you are not pulling against the spring pressure on the brake drum. You can always hook the front cable up first and fight with the return spring on the brake drum but I found this the best way after doing both the wagon and the SX/4.

It should not take more than 2 hours if things go moderately well. The one thing to remember is that there are 2 retaining clips under the carpet in the drivers side floor. The front one is usally hidden under the accumulated years of dirt and debris and is located just at the upward bend of the floorpan as it transfers into the firewall.

Have fun