Auxillary Transmission Cooler

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By AMC Eagle Nest Member "jurjen"

I bought the Fluidyne TK403 kit, that includes the FHP-10026 cooler and the necessary hose and fitting. The fitting that is included is 1/2"-20 thread and is the same as the Eagle radiator. The hose that came with it was to short, so I bought some additional hose.


I used one radiator bolt and used two of the special kind of plastic retainers supplied with the kit. They must be pushed through the radiator, I used a small screwdriver to make a hole in between the cooling fins. This takes a little "FingerspitzengefĂźll" as the Germans say.


I installed the hoses on the cooler before I permanently fixed the cooler to the condenser/radiator.


Then I installed the so-called TransConnector on one of the hoses hanging down. and unscrewed the passenger side fitting on the bottom of the radiator and installed the TransConnector on this fitting. The other hose is installed on the return line. Now it is ready.


While you are at it: this is an ideal occasion to oil the hood release cable: