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A Wiki? What's a "Wiki"?

A "wiki" is a user-editable website. This means that you, the reader, have the ability to edit the page that you're reading. Just click on the "edit" button at the top of the page and go to it!

Wikis allow communities of people to collaborate on projects and information. We'll be able to provide detailed how-tos and technical information for the AMC Eagle. For example, one person might write a simple how-to for changing the valve cover gasket; another person might update the page with a specific Fel-Pro part number for the gasket; another person might take pictures of the process; and somebody else can proofread the page and make minor corrections here and there. The reader will get the benefit of a step-by-step tutorial complete with pictures, without any one person needing to spend a lot of time writing it up.

Getting Started

If you're interested in contributing, the first thing you need to do is read an introduction to editing wikis. Next, create an account and log in.

You now have an account on the wiki. Currently, on this wiki, one of the sysops needs to upgrade your account to "Contributor" status in order to make changes.

Uploading Pictures

File uploading has been enabled. If you want to add a picture to a page, you need to upload the image file using the "Upload file" link in the toolbox on the left. Please, do not upload copyrighted images.

Discussing a Page

You can click the "discussion" link above any page to see or add to discussion about that page's contents.

Creating a New Page

You can create new pages on the wiki. There are several ways to do this; one way is to enter the title of the new page into the search box at the left, click "Go" (not "Search"), and if it says the page wasn't found then it will give you a link in red that says "this exact title". Clicking that link should take you to a blank new page. Just type in your text and save it!

Please note that in a wiki, pages link to other pages by their title only. In other words, "Roy C. Lunn" is a good page title, but "Stuff About Roy C. Lunn" is a bad title, because any page that wants to link to "Stuff About Roy C. Lunn" will have to include the text "Stuff About Roy C. Lunn" in a sentence. Yuk.