AMC Microfiche Parts Collection

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AMC Microfiche Parts Collection Index

Note: These are for the 1984 and later Series 30 Cars (Big Eagles). Therefore some Series 50 components will not be listed.

10.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Components

Blocks, gaskets, pistons, cranks,rods and bearings, oil pans, crank pulleys and ring gear, oil pumps and associated components.

11.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Components

Fans, water pumps, heads and valve covers, cams and valve trains.

12.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Components

Manifolds, carburetors and fuel pumps and lines.

13.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Components

Air cleaner assemblies, emission controls, power steering pumps, A/C compressors and their brackets and mounts.

16.xx 4 & 6 Cylinder Engine Components

Alternators and their brackets/mounts, idler pulleys, starters, V and Serpentine belts.

17.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Ignition Components

Coils, Spark Plug Wires, Distributors, Ignition Modules, Computer and O2 Sensor.

19.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Related Components

Radiators, fuel tanks, fuel lines, exhaust systems, engine mounts and cross members, front shocks.

23.XX Automatic Transmissions

Internal Components.

24.XX Automatic Transmissions

External Components.

25.XX Transfer Cases

Internal and external components.

26.XX Front Axle

Axle, differential, half shaft and hub and bearing components.

27.XX Drive Shaft and Rear Axle

Front and rear drive shafts, rear differntials and axles.

60.XX Interior HVAC Components

Ducts, blowers, heater core, and cables.

61.XX 4 & 6 Cylinder Heater Hoses.

62.XX Air Conditioning Components

Evaporators, condensors, lines, controls and other A/C related components

64.XX Rubber Body Plugs and Other Rubber Parts

65.XX Rubber Door Seals

66.XX Weather Stripping

68.XX Interior Insulation

69.XX Carpeting and Stickers

71.XX Interior Trim

Interior moldings, fasteners, headliners, misc. panels, sun roof and cargo covers.

72.XX Interior Door Panels

Panels, armrests, speaker grilles, and fasteners.

75.XX Front Seats

Internal parts and mechanisms.

76.XX Rear Seat Internal Parts

77.XX Front Seat Upohlstery

78.XX Rear Seat Upohlstery

80.XX Exterior Lighting

Battery trays, head lamps, side markers and fog lamps.

81.XX Tail Lamps and Interior Courtesy Lamps

82.XX Horns

83.XX Instruments, Guages, etc.

Instrument Cluster, ralley guages, cruise control, speedometer cables.

84.XX Switches

Ignition and electrical switches.

85.XX Wiper Assembly

86.XX Washer Assembly, Sending Units and Audio

87.XX Flashers, Buzzers and Relays

88.XX Wiring Harnesses

89.XX Electrical Connectors