1984 - 1988 Factory Parts Catalog

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Thanks goes out to AMC Eagle Nest Member Eagle88 for scanning this factory parts catalog for the 1984 - 1988 models (though much here will work for earlier models).

This catalog will eventually replace our microfiche scans as the scans from a paper copy catalog are better quality and there are pages here not found in the microfiche collection. As I place the pages here that are already in the microfiche collection I will delete the images in that collection to save our storage space.

Cover, General Catalog Information and Indexes
Section 10, Engine Block Components
Section 11, Engine Components
Section 12, Manifolds and Carburetors
Section 13, Emission Controls, PCV System, Pulse Air, Evap. Canister, P/S Pump & A/C Comp.
Section 16, Alternator, Starter & Pulleys
Section 17, Ignition Components and MCU
Section 19, Radiator, Fuel Tank & Lines, Exhaust, and Engine Mounts
Section 21, Manual Transmissions
Sections 23 & 24, Automatic Transmissions
Section 25, Transfer Case
Section 26, Front Drive Shafts and Axle
Section 27, Rear Drive Shaft and Axle
Section 31, Front Suspension and Front Hub w/Rotor
Section 32, Front Shocks, Stabilizer and Front Brakes
Sections 33 & 34, Rear Springs, Shocks, Stabilizer and Rear Brakes
Section 35, Wheel Covers and Jack
Section 36, Steering Gear, Steering Columns and Steering Wheels
Section 37, Brake, Clutch, Accelerator Linkages; Brake Master Cylinder, Lines and Hoses
Section 38, Parking Brake, Manuual and Auto Shifters; Transfer Case Lines and Hoses (both types of select shift)
Sections 39, 41 & 42, Skid Plates, Floor Pans, Dash and Cowel Panels, Front Panels and Wheel Housings
Sections 43, 44, 46 & 42, Side, Rear and Roof Panels and Front Fenders
Sections 47 & 48, Side, Door, Hood, Trunk and Lift Gate Panels and Hinges
Sections 50 & 53, Door Components (locks, glass, mechanisms, handles, etc.)
Section 54 Glass
Section 55 Bumpers, Trim, Mouldings, Decals, Pinstripes and Grille
Section 56 Nameplates, Badges and Exterior Mirrors
Section 57 Instrument Panel and Dash
Section 58 Inside Mirror, Floor Console and Visors
Section 59 Seat Belts, Trailer Hitch, Engine Heater and Luggage Racks
Sectios 60 and 61,Heating Systems
Section 62 Air Conditioning and Control Systems
Sections 64, 65 and 66, Body/Window Seals and Plugs
Sections 68, and 69, Insulation, Carpets and Mats
Sections 71, and 72, Interior Trim, Headliners, Sun Roof, Cargo Cover and Door Panels
Sections 77, 76, 77, and 78, Seats
Sections 80, 81, and 82, Battery Tray, Head, Fog, Parking, Marker Rear and Dome Lams, and Horn
Sections 83, and 84, Instrument Cluster, Gauge Package, Speedometer Cable, and Cruise Control
Sections 84, 85, and 86, Ignition Lock, Dash Switches, Windshield Wipers and Washer, Misc. Switches, and Audio Systems
Sections 87, 88, and 89, Fuse Panel, Relays, Wiring Harnesses and Misc. Connectors