Wiper Motor R&R

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This will need to be done to facilitate R&R'ing the valve cover; or to replace the motor itself.


1. Discnonnect wiring harness at motor.

2. Remove screws attaching motor mounting plate to firewall.

3. Pull motor and linkage out far enough to expose drive link-to-crank retaining clip.

4. Raise lock tab of clip up with flat bladed screwdriver and slide clip off of stud.

5. Remove wiper motor.


1. Position wiper motor assembly and insert crank stud back into drive-link hole.

2. Press clip unto stud and slide into place making sure it locks into place, see figure below.


3. Position assembly into opening and reinstall mounting screws. Torque to 25 inch pounds.

4. Reconnect wiring harness.

5. Check for proper operation.