What to Pack for Long Trips -- Member Suggestions

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Here are some tips from AMC Eagle Nest Members for items you may want to consider taking along on those longer road trips:

From blonedriver

Cell phone. regular or prepaid. people are getting less likely to stop any more and I have even been passed by state agencies Water, drinking. 1 gallon per day per person with 2 days worth in reserve. vehical fluids. oil, antifreeze( anymore i just get the premiked makes life easier), brakefluid, 1/2 tank of fuel, as a lot are from the east you know that 1/2 tank of fuel can keep you alive!!!!!! spare tire and tools needed to change a tire.

As I normally do not spend a lot of time off the major highways I do not carry a lot of tools and extra parts but if you are going to be then it is a must to at least cahhy a spare fan belt.

From GilSX/4

In the tools department Craftsman has some good tool cases that have most all the tools you will need for a emergency repair. A complet set of fanbelts and watterhoses. Duct tape. Radiator sealant. JW Weld Extra starter relay. Clean rags. Watterless soap. Trow blancket to get under the car. Medium First Aid kit 2 jacks one bottle or sccisor type an another one a bumper type preferly a High Lift. Tow Strap and chain. Work gloves and a overalll (something that is loose fiting). If the vehicle is automatic a spare starter. Spare fuses. some electrical wire. Some safety wire. Rope. Cylicone. If posible a spare water pump. Assorted nuts, bolts and screws. Tire hole plugs and a quick flat can. Small air compressor. Battery booster. 2 flash lights and spare batteries for them. Good quality knife (the multy tool knifes are great for this). And best of all if you are going off roading another vehicle. If legal in your area a .22 hand gun with some snake shoot at least. 2 cellphones with spare battery and chargers.


I have found zip ties, duct tape, jumper cables, full size spare (if you can carry it), and hose clamps and extra hose pieces and oil very useful in addition to the other things listed. I also keep a pair of steel toed shoes, coveralls and work gloves in my Eagle at all times.

There is also some caution I would like to give about keeping extra fuel on hand in the vehicle. Isn't that a little dangerous. I always have a 1 gallon gas can EMPTY in all of my cars. I also carry a 117 piece mechanics tool kit and a decent jack with tire chocks on me at all times.

If you are traveling in winter: Thermal coveralls, gloves, hat, washer fluid and the best darn shovel you can find. I also like to have extra bottles of heet and a blanket and those little hand warmers on hand for winter trips.


Lots of good stuff in this thread! I carry most of the stuff mentioned above.

I try to keep the weight down and the volume up by taking out the rear seat and back rest. I put my tool bags, (easier to stow than boxes or cases) in the rear seat wells and gradually build up to the rear deck giving a nice big area for the doggies to supervise the driver.

I carry a 2 gallon gas container filled with water. I can always use the water in case of a rad problem or for cooling or for washing or emergency drinking. If I need to I can dump that container and send it with someone to get gas if need be. I have carried gas in the past but now consider it too risky, especially in case of a collision. Carry the normal fluids: conc coolant, ATF, Brake, and lots of engine oil, hand soap under the rear deck tucked in all around the spare. There are a couple of full sized clean sheets in plastic bags in there too. (nice to rip up to put parts on when removing them.)

I carry a good booster box (without the dumb polarity relay) which has a built-in light, inverter with two 120v receptacles, a dinky air compressor with 3' hose and a cig receptacle. It has bailed me out of embarrassing situations where I leave the lights on etc. About $100 CDN at Can Tire Stores in Canada. Good investment.

My one and only TSM for my 82 SX/4 in case I need it myself or for a mechanic.

CAA Plus (Canadian version of AAA), which has towing priveledges.

Cash, I always stay "topped up" in case of an emergency.

Fire extinguisher and some first aid and some survival stuff, including good firestarter and insect repellent bombs. (Too many years as a firefighter and flying over Northern Canadian real estate, I guess)

Spare belts, vacuum, fuel, heater (both sizes), rad hoses, hose repair tape, gear clamps. JB Weld, Goop, SS wire and snare wire. Spare Lo Beam Headlight with some body screws and a pair of those pink headlight aimers. Spare spark plugs, Spare light bulb set, fuse set, dinky little meter. Some #14 hookup wire with some terminals and a terminal tool (piiers), Little spare tire, jack, spinner, some short 2x6 planks, dielectric grease, WD-40, Liquid wrench, 3 in One, acetone, isopropyl, electrical and duct tape.

I carry a couple of full tool bags, including full set of screwdrivers, wrench sets, ratchet wrenches, flare (or line) wrench set, ignition wrench set, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 drive sets from 3/16" up to 1-1/4" with all the gizmos, universals, extensions and ratchet types, some heavy tools like a pipe wrench, pry bars, big club hammer, chisel & punch set. Lotsa vise grips, pliers of all types, including big channel locks and little clamp pliers. And lots of little special stuff like battery terminal cleaners, magnifying glass, mirrors, mag pick ups, files, couple of little plastic boxes of screws of various kinds and sizes etc.

I usually don't carry any power tools. Looking for one of those right angled drills/drivers but can't find a good one. Makita used to make one at around 9 volts but I haven't been able to find a good one up here. As the number of my hex based bits and drivers expand I want to be able to power them.

Jeez, I am going back to the above paragraphs and adding and adding and adding!!!!

I probably carry about 100 lbs of car related tools, parts and fluids. Probably too much. The objective is to get to a place where you can buy the stuff if needed!!

I will probably rethink this list if/when I get out to BC via the Northwest Territories this August. Loooooooong stretches there, just like Gil's country. But more mosquitos and black flies!

Probably best thing is to ensure that all consumables are clean and topped up and that all rubber is in prime condition prior to leaving. And that the driver keeps well rested and entertained!!!!! Roll Eyes