What seats fit which Eagles?

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Contributed by way2phastphil

Eagle Front Seat Interchange

There were several different styles of seats offered in Eagles. This topic will show the different styles, and discuss interchange between cars. Photos will be added at a later date. This topic will NOT discuss putting in seats from other vehicles, such as Jeep Cherokees, since each case is unique.

The information presented here is based on what I have found on Eagles I have owned over 
    the years, or was derived from dealer brochures, etc. 

Sport seats. These were high-back bucket seats available in either non reclining all vinylor the optional reclining cloth/vinyl model which were part of the DL trim level and could not be ordered separtely for in Base models. They were found only in the Series 50 cars, i.e., SX-4 and Kammback (and their AMC 2 wheel drive counterparts). Since they were used in 2 door cars, they tilt forward to allow access to the rear seat. Keep this in mind if you are planning on putting other seats in these cars.

Basebucket.jpg Base Bucket Seat, "Deluxe Grain Vinyl"

Dlbucket.jpg DL Bucket Seat, "Conventry Check" Fabric and Vinyl.

Wide-body seats: These were standard in the Series 30 cars, i.e., the 2-door Coupe, 4-door Sedan, and Wagon (and their AMC 2 wheel drive counterparts). They were available in cloth, cloth/vinyl or leather, and Power or non-Power operated. The seats I have are from wagons and 4 door sedans. They also tilt forward, so they can be used in 2 door cars. If you are going to buy any, make sure they have the tilt feature.

Dlfabric.jpg DL "Castillian Sculptured" fabric.

Dlvinylfabric.jpg Vinyl and "Durham Plaid" fabric

The leather seats were available in 2 versions: regular, and “pillow top.”

Limitedleater.jpg Leather Limited seats.

Regular leather seat pic

The Sport seats and the wide body seats all used 5 mounting studs that went thru the floor pan. One corner mount had 2 studs; the other corners had 1 stud. There are rectangular reinforcing plates on the bottom of the floor pan, one for each stud.

The Power seat mounts used 4 studs, one in each corner. The double stud mount was eliminated due to the design of the power seat base.

Eagle Rear Seat Interchange

Rear seat Interchange

Rear seats for the Kammback and SX-4 are interchangeable. They came in 2 styles, split-back, or one-piece back. If you want to put the split-back one in place of the single-piece back one, you MUST have the center-mounting bracket. This is welded to the floor pan, and is where the pivot pins go. The single-piece backs were mounted with pivots at the outboard ends only. The split backs have the outer and inner pivot points. Make sure you get the mounting hardware for the inboard ends of the seats.

The back is interchangeable between the 2 door and 4 door, but not the wagon. 

The back from the Series 30 cars will not fit the Series 50 cars due the shape of the floor pan.

Can you put the seat back from a wagon in an SX-4 or Kammback? 

I don’t know, but will eventually check it out.

The bottom seat cushion on the Kammback and SX-4 is different than the one in a Sedan, Coupe, or Wagon. The one in the Coupe, etc (Series 30 cars) is relatively flat, but the one in the Series 50 car is contoured to be like the bottom part of a bucket seat. Also, there are 2 brackets on the lower cushion that attach to the floor pan on the Series 50 cars. They are not there on the other cars. The lower cushion is interchangeable between the Series 30 cars.A Concord rear seat will fit an Eagle.