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Manual Transmissions

SR4 and T4 four-speed transmissions and the T5 five-speed transmission were available. These transmissions were used both in the four and six cylinder engine applications.

AMC manual transmissions provided synchromesh engagement in all forward gears. Reverse gear is not synchronized. All forward gears are helical-cut and in constant mesh. Reverse gear is spur cut and not in constant mesh.

All AMC manual transmissions were manufactured to metric standards. When servicing these transmissions use the specified metric threaded fasteners only.

The transmissions had an identification tag attached to the rear of the transmission which displays the AMC and vendor part numbers. This information (if still attached) will be useful should you need to order parts.


Shfitsr4.jpg Lubricant SAE 85W-90; 3.3 pints


Shfitt4.jpg Lubricant ATF (Dexron II or III) 3.5 pints


Shfitt5.jpg Lubricant ATF (Dexron II or III) 4.0 pints

Automatic Transmission

AMC TF 998