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By AMC Eagle Nest member tougeagle.

If replacing your T5 with an AX15 that is 95(I believe) or later, with the 3/4" input shaft tip, you will need to use a pilot bearing for a 73-76 V8 CJ.

The T4, T5 and AX15 all use a 23 spline output shaft, which will interchange with any 23 spline Jeep transfer case, or AMC transfer case, including the Eagle's.

The T5 bellhousing will not work with an AX15, you will need an AX15 bellhousing.

You can use the large part of your T5 clutch cover, however it will not cover the flywheel at the bellhousing section below the oilpan.

Use an externally mounted slave cyl bellhousing if at all possible, the internal slave cylinders are known for being somewhat problematic, (94 and earlier). You will need a part from Advance Adapters to adapt a clutch line to the plastic external slave cylinder, to your Eagle master cylinder. Jeep master cylinders are not interchangeable with the Eagle's because of the lack of clearance between the brake booster and firewall.

The stock Eagle clutch line most likely will not reach the plastic slave cylinder on an AX15, you should purchase or bend a clutch line.

The T5 and AX15 use the exact same clutch and pressure plate. However, you must use a 4.0 flywheel with an AX15 for proper clutch engagement.

You must use a 4.0 starter with an AX15, the starter gear on the 4.2 starter will not retract far enough after release (thanks for the help on that one, Eaglefreek!)

The T5 shifter will not bolt to the AX15.

You must use a Cherokee shift stick with the AX15, any other will be uncomfortable, if not impossible to use because of the transmission's position in the eagle.