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Note Unless otherwised indicated all Part Numbers are from Advance Auto Parts. Your favorite Parts Store should be able to cross refernce them to the brands they carry.

Front Coil Springs

From Espo

4 cylinder w/o AC: 3140

4 cylinder w/AC: 3112

6 cylinder w/o AC: 3112

6 cylinder w/AC: 3156

- Front Coil Spring -     3112           3140          3156

Inside Diameter(inch):----------------= 5.020----------------= 5.020---------------= 5.020

Bar Diameter(inch):--------------------= 0.687----------------= 0.656---------------= 0.687

Install Height(inch):--------------------= 9.5--------------------= 9.5------------------= 9.5

Load(lbs.):--------------------------------= 1591----------------= 1490----------------= 1690

Spring Rate(Lbs/inch):----------------= 306.6---------------= 275.6---------------= 311.2

Free Height(inch):----------------------= 14.38---------------= 14.94---------------= 14.92

These fit our Eagles. These specs are pulled from the Concord but are the same rates as our Eagle had.

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-Rear Shock, Make KYB, Model GR-2, Part# KY343149

-Rear Shock, Make KYB, Model Gas Adjust, Part# KYKG5522

-Rear Shock, Make Monroe, Model Monroe-Matic, Part# TS33049

-Rear Shock, Make Monroe, Model MAX Air(Air Shocks), Part# TSMA700

-Rear Shock, Make Monroe, Model Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting(Coil Over), Part# TS58510

-Front Shock, Make KYB, Model GR-2, Part# KY343156

-Front Shock, Make KYB, Model Gas Adjust, Part# KYKG4505

-Front Shock, Make Monroe, Model Monroe-Matic Plus, Part# TS32216