Rear Axle/Differential R&R

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1980-1983 AMC Eagle's

The Differential repair requires special skills and specialty tools.

The inspection procedures will tell if repairs are necessary.

Rear Axle Differetial/Removal/Installation:

The differential can be checked and overhauled without removing the rear axle assembly.

Refer to Figure 13 for part names and location.

1.- Remove the axle shaft dust caps. Lossen the wheel nuts.

2.- Raise the rear of the vehicle and place it on jackstands.

3.- Drain the axle housing. Place oil pan under differential, loosen differential cover bolts and remove bottom 2 bolts.

Differential Cover is in Yellow

4.- Remove the axle cover - see image above.

5.- Remove the wheels, brake drums, hubs, axel shaft and seals. Keep the axel parts separated according to the side of the vehicle from which they were removed.

6.- Mark the bearing caps with a centerpunch for reassembly reference.

7.- Loosen the bearing cap bolts until only a few threads remain engaged. Pull caps away from bearings. This will prevent the differential assembly from falling out in set 8.

8.- Pry the differential loose in the axle housing with a pry bar.

9.- Remove the bearing caps. remove the differential assembly.

10.- Tie the bearing shims to their respective caps and cups to prevent them from being mixed up or misplaced.

11.- Installation is the reverse of removal. tighten all fasteners to specifications.