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Welcome to the AMC Eagles Den "AMC Eaglepedia"

As a member of the AMC Eagle Nest forum, you know with all the great knowledge that has been and will be shared that it is becoming difficult to find information.

We've decided to build an "Eaglepedia" as a way to gather all of the hints, tips, how-tos and information together into one place.

Hopefully using this format with its internal linking to related articles, information will be much easier to find and read. Also, using the "wiki" format everyone who is registered as a Contributor here can also contribute their own information or edit existing pages. So take a look around and please feel free to contribute your wisdom and expertise. And remember, if Doug, Gil and Steve could figure out how to edit on this thing, then anybody can!

By the way, some of the pages/articles already here are in a "finished" state and some are not. But with a "wiki" none are truly finished as contributors can always add more.

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If you are unfamiliar with a "wiki", you can find out more About Wikis.

Comprehensive Index

Most Frequently Asked Questions


AMC Eagle Registry

Technical Indexes

Part Numbers

1979 - 1983 Factory Parts Catalog

1984 - 1988 Factory Parts Catalog

1988 Large Electrical Schematics - Much applicable to other years.

AMC Service Information Notices

How To Section

Diagram Section

Eagle Modifications

Field Expediency

Tool Bin

AMC Eagles Den members and their Eagles

AMC Eagles Den Humour