How To Manually Shift the Transfer Case

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Here is a quick way to shift your transfer case into either 4WD or 2WD should your vacuum system fail. This includes those times when your system has put the Transfer Case into "False Neutral".

Note: If your Eagle has a transfer case skid plate it will have to be removed first.

Tools Needed: 9/16" wrench. Wheel blocks. A light source may be helpful.

1. Start car and engage shift lever into the mode you will be manually shifting your car into. We suggest into the 2WD if you are checking to see if the transfer case is in "false neutral".

2. Shut off car. Block the wheels so the car will not roll forward or backwards.

3. With your wrench in hand get under the driver's side of the car.

4. Identify the transfer case selector lever (see picture below). Its a vertical flat piece of metal directly to the rear of the shift motor.

5. At the bottom of the lever there is a bolt head. Place your wrench on the bolt head.


6. Moving the lever back (clock wise) will engage 2WD. Moving the lever forward (counter clockwise) will engage 4 WD. Do not loosen this bolt. Just turn it far enough to ensure the lever is fully engaged in the desired mode. The lever should move quite easily.

7. Remove wheel blocks.

8. Start car and test for proper operation.

9. Do not operate select shift lever until you have repaired the system.