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I really dislike doing exhaust systems but this was the easiest one I have ever done - 90 minutes from start to stop. All with Eagle on the ground; although I did use air wrenches for some parts of the job. This was done on an SX/4 with an intact header pipe (if you need a header pipe too, they are available) although I think it will apply to all Eagles.

For a representation of your exhaust system go to Exhaust The basic configuration remained the same throughout the model years. SX/4's and Kammbacks have a slightly different pipe between the converter and muffler.

        This article disusses remvoing your catalytic converter for testing purposes.
        This test is not legal for EPA regulated U.S. street vehicles.  
        Performing this test could lead to fines or a mandatory reversal of the procedure.  
        This test should only be done if your Catalytic Converter appears faulty and you 
        need to operate your vehicle temporarily for testing purposes only.

What you will need (all Walker #'s)

SX/4 & Kammback: Tail Pipe 44674; OEM length muffler 22071; Intermediate Pipe 42364 (BTW this pipe is for the bigger Eagles, but it works just the same). New hangers if needed (try to rescue the muffler one at least) the universal ones will work. Sufficient 2" clamps ( I used 5).

Big Eagles: The only different part from above is for the Tail Pipe # 44537

The Header pipe is the same for both (if you need one) #31808

If you are removing your converter for bench testing then you can use an off the rack 18" - 2" ID tail pipe to replace it for testing purposes. If you are replacing the header pipe but plan to bench test your converter for a while you will need to remove the flange on the header pipe.

If you are replacing the converter and are working on a small Eagle you may have to cut a few inches off the intake end of the intermediate pipe -- make sure you trial fit to determine how much.

I started from the back and worked forward. The hanger for you tail pipe is probably missing or rusted off. You can remove the remanents by removing the two sheet metal screws that attached it to the body. Save the screws, you will need at least one to secure the new hanger. I bought the hanger listed for it, but it is no where near OEM. But you can screw the strap end to the outside hole where the old one is attached and it will work. Loosely secure the other end in a clamp but do not tighten.

You then need to study your muffler hanger. Mine was intact and the two screws that went into the muffler bracket were still secured to the bracket (of course there was no muffler attached to the bracket) Remove those two screws and save them for the new muffler (If you are not using an OEM muffler you will probably have to use a universal hanger) Attach the muffler to the hanger with the two screws and then insert the tail pipe into the rear of the muffler and again loosely clamp it.

Now attach your intermediate pipe to the muffler and loosely clamp it You are about done.

If you are using the 18" straight tail pipe section you need to first test fit it. But here is how mine went. The 2" ID end fits over the header pipe and the other slightly smaller end fits over the Intermediate pipe. You do have some length adjustment doing it this way. Again loosely clamp at both ends.

If you are replacing the converter the whole mess should bolt up with no problems on the big Eagles. As I said earlier you may have to cut a very short length off of the intermediate pipe (intake end) to get it to work on a converter equipped small Eagle.

Now start doing what ever adjustments you need to do. Again, I started from the rear and worked towards the front. Tighten your clamps as you work forward. It may take some minor adjustments here and there to make sure everything clears (there was not alot of clearance to begin with) and then start her up and listen to the quiet.

Go drive your Eagle.