Fuel Pumps & Tanks

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Note Unless otherwised indicated all Part Numbers are from Advance Auto Parts. Your favorite Parts Store should be able to cross reference them to the brands they carry.

Fuel Tank Sending Units

1980 - 1988 All 30 Series Cars (22 gallon tank): Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep: J3230700

1981 - 1983 All 50 Series Cars (21 gallon tank): Flotamex: F740 Flotamex

Fuel Tanks

-Gas Tank, Make Spectra, Part# SPIAMC1

-Gas Tank Straps Make Spectra, Part# SP103

-Gas Tank Hanger bolts. They don't come with the tank straps. Two are available. 1993 Cherokee bolts are slightly shorter, and 1993 Grand Cherokee are closer to proper length (I can't verify how close as I've never had them in my hands), but I know that the shorter Cherokee hanger bolts are just barely long enough.

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