Front Wheel Bearings

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This is a lengthy How To and will take time to get it all posted here

Adapted from the AMC Technical Service Bulletin.

We apologize for the poor quality images but the original images were of poor quality to begin with.

NOTE: The TSB states, "Some 1980 and 1981 were equipped with ball bearing type hubs which are not serviceable and must be replaced as an assembly only. These non serviceable bearings can be readily identified, upon removal, by the absence of the axle to bearing spacer."


In 1987 new service procedures were developed to replace the front wheel bearings on the 1982 - 1988 Eagles; 1986 - 88 Comanche; 1984 - 87 Cherokee and Wrangler and the 1987 Wrangler. This procedure may also apply to vehicles built after these dates.

This service procedure involves the use of a special tool set PN 8980 002 647 to remove the bearing assemblies from the drive hub. Editors Note: This tool set may now be availabe thru traditional parts or tool stores.

The new tools were designed for use with an arbor or hydaulic press and the Kent-Moore bearing remover tool J-22912-01. They must not be used with any impact tools, such as a slide hammer or machinist hammer to remove or install the bearings. See figure 1.

Figure 1


HUB AND BEARING CARRIER REMOVAL - JEEP AND EAGLE. Refer to Figure 2 for Part Identification.

NOTE: Steps 6 & 7 apply only to the Eagle

1. Raise the Vehicle. NOTE: It may be advisable to loosen the axle nut first, then raise the vehicle. Refer to the first part of Step 5 to do this. Do not completely remove nut at this time.

2. Remove the wheel-tire assembly.

3. Remove the disc brake caliper but do not disconnect the brake hose. Secure the caliper to the chassis with wire. CAUTION: Do not allow the brake hose to support the caliper weight. Make sure to secure the caliper to the chassis.

4. Remove the brake rotor (5) (Fig. 2).

5. Remove the cotter pin (1), nut retainer (2), axle nut (3), and washer (4) (Fig. 2).

6. Eagle Only Disconnect steering arm from the steering knuckle.

7. Eagle Only Remove caliper anchor plate from the steering knuckle.

8. Remove the three carrier bolts (17) (Fig. 2).

9. Remove the hub (6), bearing carrier (10) and rotor shield (16) (Fig. 2).

Figure 2