Front Axle/Differential R&R

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1980-1983 AMC Eagle's

Differential repair requires special skills and specialty tools.

Inspection procedures found elsewhere in the AMC Eaglepedia will tell if repairs are necessary.

Front Axle Differetial/Removal/Installation:

1.- Remove the axle assembly.

2.- Remove the axle housing cover bolts and cover.

3.- Mark the differential bearing caps with a centerpunch for reassembly alignment reference.

4.- Loosen but do not remove the fiferential bearing cap bolts.

5.- Install an axle housing spreader (tool part No. J-24385-01) and spreader adapters (toll part No. J-24161) as shown in Figure 23. Used hold-down clamps to keep spreader in position.

6.- Install a dial indicator as shown in Figure 23. Zero the indicator gauge. make sure the indicator plunger touches one side of the housing opening

CAUTION: Do not exceed the specified housing spread in Step 7.

Spreading the housing greater amount than specified can cause damage or distortion.

7.- Slowly spread the housing 0.020 in. (0.50 mm) while watching the indicator. Remove the dial indicator when housing spread is complete.

8.- Remove and tag the differential bearing caps for reassembly reference.

9.- Position one pry bar under the ring gear bolt head and a second pry bar under the differential case. remove the differential assembly from the housing.

10.- Remove the spreader tool to prevent the possibility of housing distortion.

11.- Installation is the reverse of removal. Tighten all fasteners to specifications.