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Contributed by AMC Eagle Nest Member DaemonForce


Man hours:

~20 minutes


Phillips screwdriver (magnetic might help)

Ratchet with 4" extension and correct sized socket.

Removal order:

Remove bottom screws of the interior door panel.

Remove the arm rest reflector, if equipped (2 short screws)

Remove the arm rest(2 long screws)

Remove the electric lock/window switch panel fascia, if equipped (2 small screws)

Remove the window crank, if equipped (1 screw)

Remove the door handle cup. 2 screws, pull handle out like you are opening the door to remove the cup.

Unscrew door lock knob.

Carefully pry out the door panel fasteners from the door sides. One fastener at a time, working from the bottom up.

Raise the panel slightly to clear the door channel and door lock rod. If you have a remote mirror there should be enough slack in the cable/wire so you will not have to remove the toggle lever from the panel. If not enough slack then loosen the set screw on the back side of the panel so the toggle lever is freed from the panel.

Carefully remove the paper water dam cover.

Remove the metal door rod clip at the door handle.

Remove the door handle screws(2 small screws).

Remove the door handle from the outside. Check to make sure the gasket remains properly oriented before installing the new handle.

Installation is reverse of removal.


If the original door rod clip is damaged/broken/missing then you can get new ones at the AMC Eagle Nest Store.