Eaglemailman's Fluid Changer

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By AMC Eagle Nest Member Eaglemailman

Fluid Changer

I use this suction device to change the differential fluids in my Eagles. The rear axle is very easy. The fluid can be sucked out and poured back in, in about ten minutes. The front axle takes a little longer. The flexible tube can be maneuvered in the small space between the frame and the diff cover. To put the fluid back in, I use a hand suction gun and suck up some fluid and push in the hole. I also use this to change the transmission fluid in my Mail Eagle, several times a year. I can suck out about four quarts. Once a year I change the filter while dropping the pan. This top side oil changer is made to change the oil. But I never use this for that. I always change the filter. These were for sale at JC Whitney's. I have used this several times over the years.