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(Concord/Spirit I-6 Engine Vacuum Systems)
(I-4 Engine Vacuum Systems)
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*[[Flat Rate/Component Manual]]
*[[Flat Rate/Component Manual]]
=== I-4 Engine Vacuum Systems ===
=== I-4 Eagle Engine Vacuum Systems ===
*[[1982 GM 2.5]]
*[[1982 GM 2.5]]

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Below is an index of frequently requested diagrams. Most are from AMC technical manuals. You will not find many vacuum or wiring diagrams as these were either poorly printed to start with; to numerous in number (typically vacuum); or just too large for this format. We suggest you purchase an AMC TSM for those diagrams. The AMC Eagle Nest does have for purchase the 1982/1983 TSM's on memory stick.

General Engine Service and Diagnosis

I-4 Eagle Engine Vacuum Systems

I-6 Engine

I-6 Engine Vacuum Systems

Concord/Spirit Vacuum Line Routing



CEC Systems

Drive Train

Electrical - Non Engine


Fuel Systems


Ignition System

Power Steering

Starting Systems

Steering Columns/Wheels

Transmission - Manual