Correctly setting your idle speed 1980 - 1988

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From the AMC Technical Service Bulletin 12E460

The idle speed may be too low or inconsistent on your 1980 - 1988 Eagle automobile. If this condition exists, the following items must be adjusted to obtain proper engine operation.

Ignition Timing

Fast Idle Speed

Curb Idle Speed

Sole-Vac Throttle Postioner

Adjustment is as Follows:

1. The engine must be at operating temperature and all electrical accessory switches in the OFF position.

2. Remove the air filter assembly -- make sure to mark where any vacuum hoses connected.

3. Set the parking brake or better yet block the wheels. Shift automatic transmissions to PARK and manual transmissions to the NEUTRAL position.

4. With the ignition switch OFF, connect an ignition timing light to the number 1 spark plug (Figure A) and tachometer to the coil ignition negative terminal (Figure B).

Figure AIdleadjustA.jpg

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