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Air Conditioning, Blows Hot Air Eagle Buying Tips

Axle, Front Disconnect, 1981 TSM Supplement Select Shift

Axle, Front Disconnect Front Axle Lock


Belt, 258, Alt w/AC, Adjustment Alternator Belt

Body Part, Interchanges Body Parts Intechangeability: Hinges, Door Handles

Brakes, Shudder Eagle Buying Tips

Buying Tips Eagle Buying Tips


Carburetor, Upgrade, Motorcraft 21XX 21xx Autolite/Motorcraft carb upgrade

Clutch, Does Not Work Eagle Buying Tips

Clutch, Hydraulic Hydraulic Clutch


Disconnect Axle, 1981 - 1984 Axle Select Shift

Doors, Wind/Water Leaks Eagle Buying Tips

Doors, sagging Eagle Buying Tips


ECM, Diagnostic Test Diagnostic ECM Test

Engine, 258, Interchange Will Any 258 Fit In My Eagle?

Engine, Poor Idle Eagle Buying Tips

Engine, Poor Idle My Eagle Does Not Run Well

Engine, Poor Performance My Eagle Does Not Run Well


Filter, Fuel, 258 Fuel filter Orientation

Four Wheel Drive, Non Working My Four Wheel Drive Does Not Work

Four Wheel Drive, 1981 - 1984 Select Shift

Fuel Filter, 258 Fuel filter Orientation

Fuel, Leaks Eagle Buying Tips


Gauges, Not Working Eagle Buying Tips


Hatch, Won't Stay Up Eagle Buying Tips

Headlight, Sagging Eagle Buying Tips

Hinges, Hatch - Station Wagon Eagle Buying Tips

History, AMC Eagle, Development Roy C. Lunn

History, AMC Eagle, General AMC Eagle History

History, AMC Eagle, 1980 1980

History, AMC Eagle, 1981 1981

History, AMC Eagle, 1982 1982

History, AMC Eagle, 1983 1983

History, AMC Eagle, 1984 1984

History, AMC Eagle, 1985 1985

History, AMC Eagle, 1986 1986

History, AMC Eagle, 1987 1987

History, AMC Eagle, 1988 1988


Idle, Faulty Eagle Buying Tips

Ignition, TFI Upgrade TFI Upgrade




Labor Guide Flat Rate/Component Manual

Lights, Headlamp Sag Eagle Buying Tips

Lunn, Roy C. Roy C. Lunn


Motorcraft 21XX Carburetor Upgrade 21xx Autolite/Motorcraft carb upgrade



Oil Leaks, Engine Eagle Buying Tips

Oil Leaks, Engine My Eagle Leaks Oil

Oil Leaks, Engine How To Upgrade Your Valve Cover

Oil Leaks, Transmission Eagle Buying Tips

Oil Pan, 258, Interchange Will A Donor Oil Pan From a 258 Jeep or Non Eagle Car Work?


Part Numbers, OE Flat Rate/Component Manual

Purchasing Tips Eagle Buying Tips



Repair Time Flat Rate/Component Manual

Rust, Structural Eagle Buying Tips


Sag, rear Eagle Buying Tips

Seats, AMC Interchanges What seats fit which Eagles?

Select Shift, 1981 - 1984 Select Shift

Shakes, Front Eagle Buying Tips

Shock Absorbers, Rear, Installation Rear Shock Installation

Shudders, Front Eagle Buying Tips


Tires, Rubbing Eagle Buying Tips

Transer Case, Select Shift, 1981 - 1984 Select Shift

Transfer Case, Manually Shifting Of How To Manually Shift the Transfer Case

Transmission, Car Does Not Move How To Manually Shift the Transfer Case

Transmission, Car Rolls in Park How To Manually Shift the Transfer Case

Transmissions, Types Used Transmissions Used


Upgrade, Carburetor, Motorcraft 21XX 21xx Autolite/Motorcraft carb upgrade

Upgrade, Ignition, TFI TFI Upgrade


Valve Cover, Leaks Oil My Eagle Leaks Oil

Valve Cover, Removal/Reinstallation How To Upgrade Your Valve Cover

Valve Cover, Upgrade, Plastic to Aluminum How To Upgrade Your Valve Cover

Vehicle Identification (VIN), 1980 1980 Models

Vehicle Identification (VIN), 1981 - 1986 1981 thru 1986 Models

Vehicle Identification (VIN), 1987 - 1988 1987 and 1988 Models


Wanders, Front Eagle Buying Tips