Cherokee gas tank retrofit

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By Eagle Nest member 'shaggimo'.

I happened to have an almost brand new gas tank out of a Cherokee laying around, and since my current Cherokee has a plastic tank, I doubt I'll need it any time soon. Dragged it out from behind the barn, it's just about the right size, so I did a test fit, clears everything quite nicely, exhaust, axle, stub rails, seems good. I also saved the sending unit that was in the tank, along with the filler neck, and straps. After a few mods, it's just about ready for installation, just needs undercoating.


I capped off the original location for the filler neck.


Drilled two new holes, and welded in the filler from the Cherokee.


Removed the electric pump, cut a piece of the Cherokee's filler hose for a spacer so I could keep the factory type strainer. Plus this swap will also make it easier if I want to install a 4.0 set up later on, just reinstall the fuel pump. The tank does hang a little lower than the stock one, but this one's not meant to be a rock crawler anyway so it's no biggie.