Center Pod Removal

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By AMC Eagle Nest Member Jurjen

This is one of the easiest jobs involving the dash, but I must admit I had some problems when trying to remove it for the first time.

1. Remove the radio (knobs). I have a DIN radio that has to be pulled out first. The earlier non DIN radio will have to have the knobs and shaft nuts removed only. The wiring for the DIN radio (or ISO connector) can be pulled from the radio.

2. Remove two screws from the dash compartment.

3. Remove the two screws from the bezel above the radio.

4. Remove a screw on the left side of the pod.

5. Pull the ashtray out.

6. Remove the two screws.

7. Remove the nut found on the underside of the ashtray holder top and take the ashtray holder out.

The radio pod can be pulled out now, note the small tab on the left side, that has to be worked out first.

8. Remove the plugs from the rear washer wiper and the rear window defogger.

9. Remove the dash light by turning and pulling.

10. Reach in and pull out the wires for the dash compartment light switch and pull the cables from the plugs.

It can be removed completely now, installation is in reversed order.