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By AMC Eagle Nest member Joshpit2003

Ok, so here is the plan:

1. Buy a locking pull tab cable

2. Buy some threaded rod (something large in diameter for more strength)

3. Find scrap sheet metal

4. Find a few bolts, nuts, and lock washers

next, the installation:

1. drill a hole in the floorboard for the locking cable as shown in the pictures

2. take the nut off the transfer case shifting knob and pull that weirdly shaped (hollow rectangular) metal bracket off

3. weld a lever arm for the cable to that weird (rectangular) shaped bracket on the longer of either sides

  • meaning, weld to either of the longer sides of the rectangle... you can mirror the bracket, so it doesnt matter wich side you weld to

4. drill a hole for a bolt at the tip of the lever arm that will be used to secure the cable to the shifter

5. place the newly created bracket onto the transfercase with the lever arm facing the FRONT of the vehical

6. place the locking cable through the hole in the floorboard and mark your cutting measurements accordingly

  • the cables come way way too long than what you need (which is less than a foot)
  • make sure that when you make the cut marking on the cable, that the lever arm is at its LOWEST possible point.... then still cut an extra inch of cable for leeway

7. attach the cable to the lever arm (custom bracket)

  • you will now realize that the cable does an excellent job of PULLING, but bends to one side when you try PUSHING...

this is were the threaded rod comes in handy:

8. Drill another hole just to the left of the already installed cable (see pic for approximation)

9. place a nut on the tip of the threaded rod and run it down into the hole

10. mark the threaded rod just after the locking cable's shield (wrapped wire) ends

11. take the threaded rod out and cut it at that mark

12. secure the threaded rod to the floorboard, and then pull on it till it sits right next to that cable's sheild

13. attach a hose clamp around both the thread tip and the cable shiled tip

  • this gives the sheild the strenght needed to allow the cable to PUSH

14. make any other adjustments on the cable until satisfied