Cable-operated mirrors

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Freeing Cables on Cable-Operated Mirrors

Contributed by way2phastphil

Since a lot of people have problems with the remote mirrors on their cars, I will pass along a tip I learned from someone at a car show. NOTE: If the cable is broken forget about freeing them up. If the mirror is frozen, unscrew the mirror from the door. Let it hang by the cables. Put a rag or towel under it so you don’t scratch the paint. Apply the penetrating oil of your choice to the cables. Let it soak for a while, and then apply more. GENTLY push one side of the glass into the housing, while operating the knob in the car. The idea is to move the knob while moving the glass in the same direction. Don’t try to move it all the way, just go a little bit at a time. Be patient. Work back and forth, applying more penetrating fluid as you go. If you are careful, and don’t force things, you may be able to loosen your mirrors. I’ve used this method on 6 mirrors so far, and it’s worked every time. Hope it works for you.

Contributed by IowaEagle

Also make sure the toggle housing is not loose in the door and/or dash. The mirrors will not work correctly if this is loose. On the door you will need to remove the panel, check to see if the set screw is there -- if it is make sure the housing is correctly installed and tighten set screw. On the dash just make sure the ring that secures the housing is tight.