CV Half Shafts

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How To Contributed by AMC Eagle Nest Members Rambler66 and Eagle1985

Tools Needed: 1/2' Breaker bar and perhaps a "cheater bar" for the outer axle nut. You will need either a 1 3/8" or 36mm socket to remove the axle nut. NOTE: There is a possibility you will also need a 1 7/16" socket as some replacement half shafts use this nut. You will also need a Xmm bit to fit into the inboard bolts that attach the axle shaft to the axle tube.

Parts Needed Rebuilt Axle Half Shaft(s). Both sides are the same part number. Don't waste your time tyring to rebuild or reboot.

Rebuilthalfshaft.jpg Photo courtesy of Eagle1985

The half shaft was actually quite simple. I raised up the car enough to get the wheel off the ground and then removed the wheel (I always slide the wheel under the car so if the car falls it will land on the wheel instead of me). Then using a large socket (not sure what size, 1-3/8 inch sounds about right. It was one that I pulled out of my dads toolbox) I removed the axle nut (had to stick a screwdriver down in the fins on the rotor and let it brace against the caliper then put an 18 inch breaker bar on the socket and stood on it). Then I removed the bolts where the halfshaft flange attaches to the output shaft flange (6 allen wrench bolts, again not sure of size.

Inboardbolts.jpg Photo courtesy of Eagle1985

If anyone needs sizes I can look at what I used and update my post). Lowered the inside end until it cleared the output shaft then just pulled straight back and the end of the shaft slid right out of the hub. stuck the end of the new shaft in the hub and slid it straight in then raised the assembly into place and bolted it back to the output flange and then reinstalled the big nut. And of course put the wheel back on (in this case I change the caliper first). I would guess if you had all the correct tools sitting there ready for use (instead of having to search for them as you need them) you could probably change the shaft in 30 to 45 minutes.

Jamie Smith Spokane, WA.