Bulb Location and Numbers

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Bulb Numbers are from the 1980's. They may or may not be valid numbers any more. Check with your local parts store for any new part numbers.

The numbers are hard to read so here they are again.

Back Up lights: 1156 Front Parking/Turn Signal Lights: 1157A Front Side Marker: 194 Headlight/Outer: H4652 Headlihgt/Inner: H4651 Rear License Plate: Replace as a unit. No longer made. Rear Side Marker (SX/4 & Kammback only): 194 Rear Tail/Stop/Turn (SX/4 & Kammback): 1157 Rear Tail/Stop/Turn (Wagons and Sedans): 1156 Trunk Light: 89 Engine Compartment Light: 105 (GE only according to the manual)