Alternator Belt

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Alternator Belt

This topic is for cars with Air Conditioning.

To change this belt you will need to first remove the belt which goes to the A/C compressor. You will need a 5/8 socket wrench or 5/8" box wrench and a 1/2" breaker bar to adjust the belt when you replace it.

Tools needed: 9/16" box wrench, 9/16" socket wrench and a pry bar that will fit in the bottom adjusting slot. A 9/16" rachet wrench will work on some of the fasteners but not all given clearance issues.

From underneath the car, loosen the altnernator bracket lower pivot screw (see picture) best if you use a 9/16" box wrench.

Loosen, if equipped, the idler pulley attaching bolt with your 9/16" box wrench (not pictured -- on the back side in-line with the idler). You may need to put a 9/16" socket wrench on the idler attaching nut to loosen, from front of center pulley. No more then three turns are nessary to loosen with socket, center pully! [Important if bracket does not move, look here first, most non-understood problem.]

Loosen the upper alternator bracket adjusting bolt from above with your 9/16" box wrench.

Adjust alternator using a suitable pry bar. Insert pry bar through hole on bottom of bracket. Some alternator brackets, use a 1/2 inch breaker bar or 12.3mm bar, instead of pry bar.

When adjusted to desired tension tighten the bottom pivot bolt and then idler pully attaching bolt -- you will also need to use your 9/16" socket wrench to hold the idler pulley attaching nut to fully tigthen this bolt.

Tighten top adjusting bolt.

Check tension and adjust if needed.

Tighten adjusting bolt to 18 foot pounds; mounting bolts to 28 foot pounds and back idler to 33 foot pounds.