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<span style="color:black">'''1984 Production 4,241'''
<span style="color:black">'''1984 Production 4,241'''

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1984 turned out to be a better year for the AMC Eagle even though only two models were offered. Sales picked up by 8,000 units over '83 to 25,535, mostly wagons. Unfortunately it would be the last year the 20,000 unit mark was surpassed. The Eagle was also returning to its roots with the dropping of the 4 cylinder engine sometime during the year leaving the venerable 258 engine as its sole power plant. This will be the last year for the non power bulge hoood and the wagon roof rack was improved by adding an adjustable rail type.

The line up for 1984.

Four Door Sedan

1984 Production 4,241



1984 Production 21,294