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1983 would be the last year for SX/4 the last 2 door version of the Eagle and the last year AMC built any 2 wheel drive cars of their own design. AMC had planned to carry the SX/4 over into 1984 but did not. Eagle sales are half of 1982 sales (17,730). Beginning in 1984 remaining Eagle models would be built in Brampton, Ont. The Kenosha plant would be used for their Renault models. Changes were modest in '83 except for one major addition that only made it into a few Eagles with AMC;s dropping of the Pontiac 4 cylinder engine late in production year and replacing it with the AMC designed and built 2.46 (2.5) liter engine. Other changes were: Knock sensor added to six cylinder engine; and the air pump dropped and replaced with pulse air injection on the six cylinder engine.