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1982, although still in the early in the AMC Eagle era signalled the decline of the AMC Eagle and that of AMC as a whole. Sales-wise a few hundred more Eagles were sold this year than in 1981. This was the last year the Kammback and the two door sedans, as sales for both cars were dismal. French auto maker Renault, who by now was gaining control of AMC, began utilizing more and more AMC resources for the distribution and manufacture of Renault based vehicles in the U.S. and there was not a great deal of marketing being done to sell the Eagles. Renault's heavy hand had begun to take AMC down to a bitter end. The only significant change this year was that the Select Shift 4WD system came standard, having been an option in 1981 -- and not on all models.

The line up for 1982.


1982 Production 520 -- final production year.