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1981 probably had the most significant changes during the entire model run. The most obvious was the addition of two new models: The sporty SX/4 based on the Spirit and the low priced Kammback based on the old Spirit/Gremlin. All Eagles this year received new bumper end caps and an integrated bumper look that improved the overall looks of the car. Other new features were a restyled grill and the optional alloy wheels. Under the hood a four cylinder engine ( A Pontiac 2.5 L) was now standard making the 258 engine an option and a manual transmission became standard equipment as well. Three trim levels were offered in 1981; Base, DL/Sport and Limited. During the model year Select Drive was offered as an option on some models. This meant the driver could now choose between 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive at the flick of a switch from inside the car. Despite the addition of two models and the styling changes 1981 sales were about 9,000 fewer from the year before. The 3 orginal models took the biggest sales dives, especially the 2 and 4 door sedans; while the SX/4 sold very well as it attracted younger first time 4WD buyers and more than likely first time AMC buyers.

The line up for 1981.


1981 Production 5,603



1981 Production 17,390



1981 Production 10,371


Four Door Sedan

1981 Production 1,737


Two Door Sedan

1981 Production 2,378