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Introducing the American Motors Corporation Eagle

Excerpts from the 1980 AMC Eagle Sales Brochure

"The American Eagle is America's newest four-wheel drive automobile. It combines the comfort and luxury you've come to expect only in a passenger car, with the exceptional handling capabilities inherent in four-wheel drive vehicles."

"Heavy rain, sticky mud, slushy snow or slippery ice are no match for Eagle's automatic four-wheel drive system. Once you've experienced its secure road-hugging ability, you'll see why we call it the first real alternative to conventional two-wheel drive transportation"

"Everything about the American Eagle is truly remarkable! Its tastefully refined exterior and interior styling. Its innovative engineering features like independent front suspension and unique use of Viscous Coupling in the transfer case."

"However impressive the Eagle is to read about, the actual experience of driving one will tell you whole story. Treat yourself to a test drive. It's the best way to observe how the American Eagle is about the revolutionize the world of driving"

Innovation. What you have come to expect from American Motors.


The line up for 1980.

Four Door Sedan


Two Door Sedan


Four Door Wagon


Wagon in Sport Trim