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We have scanned nearly every page of the 2 volume paper catalog. We HIGHLY suggest that if you have not used this catalog before that you read thru Section A to familiarize yourself with how it works. Once you get the hang of how AMC did things using this catalog will be easier.

NOTE: This catalog is still under construction. It consists of two huge documents so it will take time to get it scanned and uploaded in its entirety.

Section A - General Information
Sections B & C - Alphabetical Index
Group 1 Engine
Group 2 Cooling - Grille
Group 3 Electrical -- Instruments
Group 4 Fuel -- Exhaust -- Emission
Group 5 Clutch
Group 6 Manual Transmission
Group 7 Shifting
Group 8 Brakes -- Wheels
Group 9 Axles -- Propeller Shafts
Group 10 Front Suspension -- Power Steering -- Steering Gear
Group 11 Road Springs -- Shocks -- Rear Suspension
Group 12 Hood -- Fenders --Bumpers
Group 13 Heater -- Air Conditioning
Group 14 Chassis Miscellaneous
Group 15 Accessories
Group 16 Automatic Transmission
There is no Group 17
Group 18 Transfer Case
There is no Group 19
Group 20 Body Sheet Metal
There is no Group 21
Group 22 Window Wiper -- Cowl Vent -- Instrument Panel
Group 23 Doors -- Hardware
Group 24 Rear Quarter Hardware
Group 25 Glass -- Channels
Group 26 Body Moldings
Group 27 Body Hardware
Group 28 Sun Roof
Group 29 Seats -- Soft Trim
Group 30 Body Miscellaneous
PAKS Packages -- Assemblies -- Kits -- Sets